The result of carrying out by the Company the policy of maximum satisfaction of the Investor is increasing the geographical range of activities, which includes currently the whole area of Poland.

Caring about the natural environment protection as well as meeting the market demands, the company is involved in designing and performance of noise screening walls. It is a specific and difficult area of construction, however, carried out by us with success.

We perform noise screening walls on road and engineering objects. The materials which we apply for the construction of noise screening walls possess Polish / European authorizations for usage in the form of Technical Approvals IBDiM and ITB.
We make the following types of noise screening walls:
• absorbing noise screening walls
• repercussive noise screening walls
• dispersing noise screening walls
• combinations according to the above mentioned types

Depending on the needs, we apply the following types of screens:
• transparent (Plexiglas, acryl, polycarbonate)
• concrete (chip concrete, saw dust concrete)
• of "green wall" type
• made of perforated sheet metal
• metal (steel and aluminium)
• from mineral glass
• ceramic

We enriched our offer with the services in terms of:
• noise measurement
• acoustic expertise
• project of anti-noise protections
• post-performance monitoring
We assure the minimum 2-year long guarantee for the services performed.
ISO 9001
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